What is more emblematic than this city? Federal capital of the United states, Washington DC is consequently a city full of history.

Discover Washington

When I went there last year I was curious of everything and wanted to see all the important monuments in order to learn more about the American history. So, if you want to discover this city wich plays an important part of the American heritage, take a few days to stay there and to discover all its treasures. If you are looking for an hotel Washington will offer you a large choice of accomodation matching your needs.

During my first day, I went on the top of the Washington monument situated in the center of the national Mall and from there I had a magnificient view of the whole city. I continued walking across the National Worl War II Memorial, until I came up to the Lincoln memorial. Built in a Greek style, it looks like a temple and contains a monumental statue of Abraham Lincoln. This monument is also well knowed because of all the important speeches wich took place here like the one of Martin luther king "I have a dream" in 1963.

Then, I went to see the most important place of the city: The White House. I have already seen it so many times before, in movies, books and pictures, that it looked very familiar to me when I saw it for the first time. Everybody was stuck against the gate to take the a picture of the president house and to keep it as a precious souvenir of their Washington trip! But I will not criticize that because I did the same thing!! Another important monument that I wanted to see was the Capitol, seat of the congress, the supreme court and some others federal organisms. Washington has also many interesting museums such as the National Museum of Natural History, the National museum of the American Indians or the one of American history. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to visit all of them but I was really glad of the few that I have seen such as the air and space museum and the impressive collection of planes and spaceships hold into.

I have also had the oportunity to move away from the touristic area and to walk across the streets of the center. With all its colorfull houses and its greenery, Washinghton really seduced me and I will not hesitate to go back. Moreoevr, in Washington hotel is easy to be found so you can organize your stay quickly and easily.

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