Mallorca is the largest island of Spain, located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the favourite destination of the Spain's royal family. Its capital, Palma, was at first a Roman camp called Palmaria. Today it is the capital of the Balearics Islands, an autonomous region.Mallorca has its own flag and is composed with over 50 municipalities, for less than a million of population

What you should know about Mallorca

Tourism is the main source of revenue of the island : a half of the population work in this industry. You can obviously imagine that booking a room in Mallorca hotels would be enjoyable with more than four hundred thousand people to provide you what you need. To give you an idea : in 1997 it received 6,7 million people. In 2008, it received over 22,8 million. You can do the math. Mallorca holidays are now more popular than ever.

There are two mountainous region, and bays : Imagine yourself, getting out from your hotel in Mallorca and then have a great hike to enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Then, during the afternoon, just swim in the sea. Climate is typical Mediterranean, with high temperature. While you are freezing in December, they are too. But with 10 degrees more.

Food is an asset too : there are over 2,400 restaurant there, from smalls bars to excellent restaurants. The variety of food depends on the diversity of the population. Do not think that you will be able to eat typical sea food as it is often imported. The true typical Mallorcan diet is made of olives and Almonds (local economy has been driven by olive cultivation for a long time).

Just have in mind, that if you are planning to take a taxi, standard ones are 4 seats. If you are travelling with a group, you had better pre-book one. By the way, the airport is really modern and nice, you will enjoy it I am sure.

To conclude, forget all your fears and prejudices, all your issues and stress, work etc... take a plane, reach a Mallorca hotel, put your swim suit on and enjoy the sea, the mountains, the restaurants and cultural diversity.

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