Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina and the second largest city of South America, is known as the sunny city with welcoming people. Did you know that it was named by UNESCO as the design city due to its unique architecture? Buenos Aires is divided into 48 Bairros, neighborhoods, and each of them has is its own story, unique customs and different style. Surely, Buenos Aires is a mixture of cultures.

Amazing Life in Buenos Aires

Have a look at Buenos Aires Hotels and find the best for you, later on take a walk along the extraordinary Plaza de Mayo. Buenos Aires is a very interesting place where visitors can enjoy a variety of activities such as museums and other historical places for instance, visit the National Museum for Decorative Art, Evita Museum, Museum of Modern Latin American Art, Abstract Argentine Art Museum, Luis Perlotti Museum of Sculpture, Hispanic Art Museum, De la Ciudad Museum, A. Ballve Museum and many more. At night you have many places to dance the national dance tango or just go to a local bar to listen rock or jazz bands.

Another common feature of Buenos Aires is their passion for sports, especially football as Argentina has won two world cups. You can see children playing football in the streets or chatting about the latest games. However, there is not only football to enjoy, go to see car races on the Oscar Galvez stage, or local box fight at the Luna Park Stadium. Check for one of the many possibilities of Buenos Aires accommodation and you will see that will have fun and you will not forget these days. If you are not staying in Buenos Aires hotels, you can find many welcoming studios or apartmanets.

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