The city of Brighton is a part of Brighton and Hove. It is a wonderful place in the South East England. This city contains everything you may want to do or to see : a nice seafront with bars, restaurant and even night club. There are also hotels in Brighton uk which are just in front of the beach.

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If you are tired with laying on the beach, no problem. Considering the cultural side of the city, Brighton has a lot to offer. You can go to the Royal Pavilion, a palace built over 200 years ago as a home to the Prince Rege

If you are interested in historic sacral architecture, you should visit St Nicholas Church, the oldest building in Brighton. It was built during the 11th century. You may have heard about it, under the name "The mother Church". Moreover there are four beautiful synagogues in Brighton, worth have a look.

If you feel like visiting city museums, you will find The Brighton Museum, the Art Gallery or the Booth Museum of Natural History... Just pick the one which tempts you.

Brighton hotels may give you the opportunity to visit the city during the Brighton festival, you will see artists opening their stalls. There is also plenty of cinemas and huge theatres. If you like music, Brighton Festival is one of the largest arts festival in the UK.

Brighton is also a sports city. It hosts the annual beach soccer competition and the Brighton Speed Trial which is the world's oldest motor race. It could be noisy so it is recommended to take a hotel outside this area of Brighton unless you are interested in the race. If you are a runner you will enjoy the Brighton Marathon. If you are a swimmer, there are two competitive swimming clubs. I hope you are not narrow minded as Brighton is commonly called "The gay capital of Britain". During your Brighton trip you will be probably crossing the town several times. But there are railway stations, 300 bus and of course taxis available. That is why you do not really need to stay in hotels in Brighton , situated in the centre of the city.

If you are interested in going to London for a short one day trip, there are fast trains going to London every day. The fastest train is about 51 minutes. Therefore many people who live in Brighton but work in London. They can continue working in the financial capital of Europe, but after work, enjoy more peaceful and beautiful city, as Brighton is.

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