Welcome to LondonLodging.co.uk
welcome to londonlodging.co.uk

You will find the best accommodation for your individual stay in London on this Website. Whether you plan a short weekend trip or a long-term stay for business affairs we offer you a wide range of flats, studios, hotels and hostels to fair prices. You can book online right now or give us a phone call!

flat-share If you are on a tight budget, but you do not fancy staying in a youth hostel, our rooms are the perfect option for tourists or business travellers. Newly refurbished rooms located in North London near Manor-house and Arsenal. We also offer flexible options to suit your needs. More

Youth Hostels
youth hostels Youth Hostels are definitly your cheapest option where you share a dorm room. The price per night is usually directly connected to the number of people in your room, e.g. 8 people in a dorm would be cheaper than 4 people in a dorm. More

hotels A bed and breakfast is a little more expensive than a Youth Hostel, but is more private and warm. A bed and breakfast or budget hotel is ideal for short stays. More

Five Star Hotels
If only the finest things in life appeal to you then select one of our five star hotels and sit back while we do the rest. Want a limo to pick you up from the Airport? Arrive in style with studios92.com ltd. More

Apartments and Studios
If you are searching for long-term accommodation look at our apartments and studios.

Want holiday accommodation you can revisit every year without having to pay increasing rates? Check out these London timeshares

find the best prices for flats to rent london online at the uk's most comprehensive property portal

Apartments and Studios
If you are searching for long-term accommodation look at our apartments and studios.

Venice Hotels
Explore Venice, enjoy its lovely ambiance and have a rest in the best Venice Hotel

San Diego Hotels
Fancy a trip to San Diego! Check the special San Diego Hotel deals!

Brighton Hotels
Have a memorable holidays in Brighton! Check the special Brihgton Hotels deals on Traveltura.com

Buenos Aires Hotels
Arrange a perfect holiday in Buenos Aires and choose from variety of charming hotels which spread over the city.

Washington Hotels
Discover Washington, politically and culturally siginficant city while staying in a comfortable Washington hotel.

Mallorca Hotels
Mallorca is a favourite holiday destination of the Spain's royal family. Maybe you would also like to experience the atmosphere of the island. Cozy hotels in Mallorca are not meant only for royals.

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